Arun Mukherjee


At this time, I am on a sabbatical with non-clinical work.

My philosophy of patient care: All patients are treated with respect and given the individualized attention that they deserve.  I care about my patients and believe that communication and education are essential aspects of a healthy doctor-patient relationship.  My goal is to establish long lasting, trusted relationships with individuals.  I strive to do more than manage your physical health – I want to be a resource you can rely on and to help you with every aspect of your well-being.  I listen carefully and take the time to understand what the root issues are.  As your doctor, this helps me target the most appropriate course of action, and it’s also key to helping you feel comfortable and confident with me.I enjoy seeing and interacting with people for their internal medicine and primary care needs. I have easily available, practically no-wait scheduling.  I see a wide variety of patients spanning all age groups, both male and female.   Most often, I see urgent visits on the same day or the next day.  I am almost always available to solve the medical problems of my patients.   I prefer face-to-face interaction.